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Lintel Repair Service in Buffalo Grove

Steel lintels are horizontal support structures located across the top of windows and doors. Lintel failures are some of the most fatal and common structural problems that affect most houses. As a result, they should be maintained and repaired regularly to prevent severe damages to our houses. Signs of worn out lintels appear as cracks across the masonry above the doors and windows. In case of these signs, contact us for professional steel repairs that will leave your house a lot safer.

The main danger to steel lintels is corrosion, which occurs after a long winter where steel lintels become weaker and more vulnerable. This weakening leads to structural failures causing extensive damage to the wall above the doors and windows. This corrosion occurs due to metals' tendency to revert to their natural state(ores) from their progressed metallic state. A long, cold, and wet winter ensure accelerated corrosion of the steel, which results in a need for repair or replacement. The following measures may help to monitor and maintain the steel lintels in your home.

1. Having a professional masonry restoration at intervals of 3 years helps to probe the steel lintels' condition. This probe can gauge the potential life of steel lintels to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance, or replacement.

2.If the lentils are still in good condition, clean them properly and paint them. This paint keeps the lintels dry and also prevents them from rusting.

3.It is advisable to install weep tubes with winks inside and above every steel lintel at an interval of two feet apart. These weep tubes allow water to weep out of the steel lentils, therefore, prolonging their lifespan.

4.If the lintels are severely damaged, they should get replaced immediately to avoid further damages to the wall.

Our company offers lintel repair service in Buffalo Grove and the surrounding cities.  Contact us right away for an expert opinion.  We can often times get out to your home within 24 hours and we'll offer you a very competitive estimate should you need repairs.  Trust our years of experience to work for you.

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