Tuckpointing Service in Buffalo Grove

Tuckpointing is a cosmetic procedure executed to reinvigorate the look of worn or damaged masonry.

The Process

This multi-staged process involves material contained inside bricks called mortar. Mortar binds said components and keeps said features from falling apart.

During the procedure's first phase, a percentage of damaged mortar is removed from the brick. The next step involves filling the brick's joints with fresh mortar replicating or closely resembling the structure's original color. Tuckpointing's final phase involves an experienced mason placing a layer of putty down the joint's center region.

Benefits Of Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing provides home and building owners several intrinsic benefits such as:

Improved Insulation

Tuckpointing can provide bricks added protection and can guard against even the tiniest crevices from forming. Even the smallest holes can accumulate unwanted, potentially detrimental materials like water and tree sap. Moreover, little openings are all insects like ants or termites need to enter a construction and precipitate a host of problems.

Weather Proofing

The process provides additional safeguards against weather-inflicted deterioration. Events like wind, temperature extremes, and precipitation can gradually damage bricks.

Aesthetic Value

Above all, tuckpointing drastically improves the appearance of tiring or harmed bricks. A better look often results in increased curb appeal, which is the perceived positive opinions individuals formulate when viewing specific properties from a distance. A higher curb appeal often translates into heightened resale values.

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