Brick and Stone Chemical Cleaning in Buffalo Grove

From time to time, the bricks and stones of our buildings need a little cleaning. Cleaning of bricks and stones gets done using cleaning chemicals. We do cleaning for various reasons:

1. To improve on the general appearance of the walls.
2. To blend the pre-existing brickwork with new ones following extensive renovations or extension.
3. To make way for the repair of constructional issues such as missing pointings and cracks.
4. To wipe off unwanted paintwork.
5. To minimize damage and slow down decay caused by deposits of algae, moss, or lichen.

There are various cleaning methods, which may vary depending on the reason for cleaning and the type of brick/stone to be cleaned. The selection of the cleaning method and material is a crucial step towards effective cleaning. If ignored, it may result in severe irreparable problems. For professional and effective cleaning services, contact a chemical cleaning service in buffalo grove.

Cleaning Considerations

  • Water: Water use during cleaning shouldn't contain additives like water softeners since they may damage the bricks.
  • Weather: The temperature of the bricks/stones and the air temperature affect the cleaning solution's reaction and drying rate. Therefore to avoid causing damage to the masonry, cleaning shouldn't take place during freezing weather.
  • Cleaning sequence: The cleaning sequence should be systematic. This sequencing ensures that there are no sections of the brickwork that are left unattended.
  • Areas requiring special care: During cleaning, we should always have an eye out for areas that need extensive care. Examples of these areas include decorative coatings and decorative finishes,
  • Safety: Most chemicals used in cleaning are harmful. Therefore, protecting property and the people doing the cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process. Cleaners must, therefore, put on protective clothing, ensure adequate ventilation, and handle the chemicals with care.

Since cleaning can be hazardous, it is advisable to hire professionals for all cleaning ventures.

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