Total Brick Restoration Service in Buffalo Grove

After a couple of years, the original brickwork might appear damaged and worn out. It is, therefore, in the interest of the homeowner to have this brickwork restored. Total restoration of the brickwork will help the building or wall regain its original appearance and structural integrity. Total brick restoration is a long process that involves the following;


Tuckpointing involves the replacement of the worn-out mortar in between the brick units. Tuckpointing helps to strengthen the brickwork and also protect it from water infiltration.

Lintel replacement

Lintels are pieces of steel embedded in the brickwork directly above the door and window openings. We remove old, rusted, and bent lintels during the total restoration of the masonry and then replace them with new lintels. This action prevents the weakening and cracking of the brickwork.

Masonry replacement

During masonry replacement, we remove the old worn-out brick units, and in their place, we use new but complementary brick units. When replacing the brick units, we ensure that the brick used in the original brickwork is the same as the replacement bricks. The replacement of worn-out brick units helps to restore the structural integrity of the wall or building.

Sealing and waterproofing

Sealing and waterproofing take place after completing the restoration of the masonry. By installing a breathable sealer, you allow the brickwork to vent moisture out while at the same time preventing water from settling in between the brick units.

Brick cleaning helps blend in the new brickwork with the existing one so that differences between the brickworks are not visible. However, brick cleaning is a delicate step that requires extra caution since cleaning with the wrong agents could damage the entire brickwork.

We offer professional brick restoration service in buffalo grove. Contact us in case you need your brickwork repaired or restored.

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