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Tuckpointing, Masonry and Chimney Repair and Maintenance

Tuckpointing, Masonry and Chimney Repair in Buffalo Grove

When you notice your masonry has started weakening, repairs are inevitable to avoid structural problems and crumbling. Damaged or worn-out mortar joints can cause water damage, but tuckpointing and masonry services can help with that.

Masons are people who are skilled in working with stone to build or repair. Some of the things they do include mixing cement and mortar, shaping, cutting, dressing materials, carrying, lifting, placing blocks, and restoring morn out or old masonry.

The skill of masonry work is more of an art than anything else, but we take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, which is why we guarantee our workmanship.

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Chimney Repair

When you notice any cracks on your walls or your chimney, you should consider tuckpointing. It's the art of using two different mortar colors in your mortar joints, where one color matches the bricks to give the impression that there are very fine joints.

Not only does it help in covering the cracks and holes, but it also helps keep your house warm and prevents water from slipping into the cracks, which may weaken them.

Tuckpointing also saves you money and time you would have used to reconstruct the structure had the problem escalated. The steps followed in tuckpointing are;

• Grounding out the existing mortar at uniform depths.
• Brush off the dust from the grounded mortar joints.
• Filling in the mortar in newly routed grooves.
• Cutting slim strips down the center of the mortar to form grooves.
• Filling in the new grooves with mortar of the same color as the original one.

To know if your house needs tuckpointing, experts advise that you wash the surfaces, preferably using a power washer, then look for any holes, cracks, or crumble.

You can also scrape off the edge of your mortar, and if you see a lightweight white powder fall off, it is time for tuckpointing. Some of the benefits that tuckpointing has are:
• It stops the corrosion of mortar joints.
• It restores the structural stability of your walls and chimneys.
• It keeps water from sipping into your walls and chimneys.
• Cheaper than reconstructing.
• It restores or improves the value of your home.

Chimneys are one of the structures that add a cozy look and feel to your house. However, after many years of being exposed to heat, smoke, and other harsh conditions, your chimney is bound to suffer some damages which need repair before it collapses.

It would help if you inspected your chimney regularly to spot any cracks and holes and have them repaired immediately. Some of the problems you may face with a cracked or damaged chimney include water slippage, cold air, or even worse, chimney fires.

You do not have to worry about chimney repair as any cracks in the mortar, brick, cap, or crown of your chimney are easy to fix. You can do it yourself, but you should have a professional help you for better and long-lasting results.

These repairs are best done on a warm and dry day as most of the materials used need time to dry. Most areas require a permit for small chimney repairs that do not involve replacements of any chimney elements.

Also, ensure that after completion, the work is inspected. It would help if you considered your safety or that of the person helping you with the repair.

You should ensure that the roof is dry, and you should have shoes on. Also, a safety harness is additional safety equipment that keeps you from a long fall.

Some of the issues that chimney repair can fix include cracks, faulty chimney designs, chimney crown cracks and failures, linear chimney issues, and water issues. Apart from a safer house, chimney repairs also add value to your home.

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Our areas of expertise are broad.  Take a look at the areas where we can help you!

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    Tuckpointing is something that should be done frequently to avoid moisture from collecting between the joints and within the bricks.

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    Chimney Repair

    We service any aspect of the chimney and can help with chimney linings, caps, flues, sweeps, animal nests and any other issue you may encounter.

  • masonry repair and rebuild in aurora IL

    Masonry Repair & Rebuild

    From stonework to brick structures to lintel repair and more, we have the expertise to help you with any of your brick or stone issues.

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Lintel Repair/ Replacement

Lintels are the structure designed to carry the weight from above openings like windows and doors. Therefore, if you notice horizontal or diagonal cracks or holes above your doors and windows, it may be a sign that your lintels may be failing and need repair or replacement.

Depending on your structure's construction period, the lintels can be bricks, timber, stone, or steel, but most are concrete and steel rods. Rain and water penetration may damage the lintels over time, and you should investigate the slightest sign of damage.

Modern lintel repair techniques are cost-effective, fast, and non-disruptive to the current façade. Some of the reasons why lintels fail include;

• Natural deterioration- extreme weather conditions plus dump continually affect the fabric of the lintel, causing rot, corrosion, or expansion, causing cracks or reducing the integrity and strength of the lintel.
• Foundation and wall- if your structure's foundation is interfered with for any reason, it may increase the load of the lintels, causing it to crack. If you notice cracks across your wall, you should contact a mason to inspect the source.
• Missing lintel- structures built in the past may not include lintels because the contractors may have substituted them with a metal door and window frames.
If you decide to replace those frames with UPVC ones and still have no lintel, it may pressure them from above the structure.
Different types of lintels require different kinds of repair methods.

Remedial steel bar systems repair brick lintels by removing selected sections of the lintel and inserting the remedial treatment bars across the lintel length. It would help if you pinned the brick lintel into position and then repointed the chosen sections to make the repair subtle.

Concrete lintels repair involves reinforcement using steel rods, but the rods may start to erode and expand over time, causing more damage.

In such situations, the repair uses a concrete lintel repair system involving removing the cracked lintel section, grinding and brushing off the steel rust, and reshaping your lintel with a feat-curing concrete solution.

Metal lintels are repaired either by reinforcing the existing lintels or replacing them. Stabilizing the brickwork should prevent collapse.

Timber lintels are mostly affected by wood fungal or wood-boring insects affecting the strength. The best solution is replacing them with concrete or steel lintels; you can also use steel rod and resin repair systems, which are more affordable.

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Brick Restoration

Brick restoration is aimed at restoring the structural integrity and appearance of your brick structure. The process involves repairing the damaged bricks and mortar, revitalizing the brick color, and replacing loose bricks.

Mortar is the mixture of cement that holds bricks together, and its damage can cause structural and appearance issues for your structure. Repointing is the process in which the damaged mortar is removed and replaced.

With mortar restoration, it is also essential to deal with loose bricks. Professionals can remove and replace a loose brick without compromising the surrounding ones.

They start with chiseling off the mortar around the brick, removing it, cleaning the space, and replacing the brick with one of the same sizes.

Brick maintenance is vital because faded bricks may be a sign of moisture absorption. It would help if you had the color revitalized often to avoid further damage.

Brick restoration also deals with waterproofing the surface to deal with water slippage, one of the biggest causes of structural damage. Water repellant and sealant is one way to ensure that all cracks and holes on your walls are covered.

The benefits you get from brick restoration include;
• Maintaining and restoring your structure’s integrity and strength.
• Improving the appearance and value of your stature.

Brick And Stone Chemical Cleaning

Are you bothered by stubborn grime, stains, and dirt on your brick walls? It would help if you considered stone and wall chemical cleaning.

Brick and stone chemical cleaning is a brick restoration process involving environmentally friendly chemicals to remove the grime and dirt off your brick walls. The substances are also made not to corrode or decolorize your walls.

The process starts with the application of the stone and brick washing chemicals on all your walls. Once mixed with warm water, the chemical is then rinsed off, removing all the dirt buildups and grime o your walls.

The water used can either be under high or low pressure. Unlike sandblasting or using bruises on your walls, chemical brick and stone washing will not lose the mortar between your bricks or corrode the bricks.

When using these chemicals, you should always observe all safety measures and ensure that the residue water and chemicals drain off into a sewage system, so not to let it run on your grass or soil as that may damage it.

Some of the chemicals you can use include;
• MDG- for degreasing.
• BTGC-brick and terracotta degreaser.
• MNA- brick, sandstone, and unpolished granite cleaning agent.
• BTNA- terracotta and red brick cleaning agent.
• BCA- brick and concrete cleaner and stain remover.
• MAR- moss roots, spores, and algae remover.

Types Of Masonry Services We Provide

  • Terracotta Repair
  • Parapet Walls
  • Chimney Rebuilding
  • Lintels
  • Shelf Angles Replacement
  • Concrete Patching
  • Caulking
  • Welding

New Masonry Construction

  • Brick
  • Blue Stone
  • Concrete
  • Fire Pits
  • Glass Blocks
  • Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Limestone
  • Natural and Cultured Stone

Masonry Restoration

  • Masonry repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Chimney Repair and Rebuild
  • Efflorescence Removal
  • Masonry Cleaning
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